Wine for picnics? Our canned wines have “got everything right”

Wine for picnics

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The Cambridge Wine Blogger (article here) tried our wines and “would happily take them on a picnic or – as we are in Cambridge – a lazy river trip.”

Hell yeah!

If you’re looking for wine for picnics, then why don’t you also do the same? Our wines are made for picnics, river trips, being outdoors and having fun, when bottles are difficult.

Of course, you’d probably want some food pairings too and, fortunately, The Cambridge Wine Blogger has you covered with a perfect picnic to pair our wines with.

With our Chenin Blanc, go for classic picnic foods such as pork pies, chicken drumsticks and cold cuts.

For Rosé food pairings, why not go a little bit classier with quiche, salads or even a full barbecue!

Check out the shop to try our wines and come up with your own favourite food pairings. We’d love to hear them!

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