Why cans?

We love cans; we probably wouldn’t have started a wine business if it wasn’t for them. 

The wine industry has a reputation for being stuffy and old fashioned. We wanted to break from this and show people that wine could be great quality, fun and move with the times.  Cans are the perfect starting point for this mission. 

Here are our three main reasons for launching a wine brand in cans

1. 100% (and infinitely) recyclable

Aluminium cans are recyclable over and over without losing any quality. In fact cans are infinitely recyclable and 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in circulation. This is doubly good news, because aluminium is the most cost-effective material to recycle – saving 95%.

Find out more at recyclenow.com.

2. More convenient

Cans can be enjoyed anywhere. On the beach, by the cricket pitch, on a train, at a picnic…

No corkscrew. No glasses. No broken bottles. No wastage.

3. Less wastage

Smaller serving sizes are perfect for when a bottle is too much. 1 bottle = 3 cans.

Who’s pouring wine down the sink? Well…

Laithwaites found that the average British household throws away two glasses of wine a week; that’s 17.3 bottles per household annually or a massive 624m bottles. ¼ of those said they opened more than they wanted to drink. A 250ml can is perfect for those times (and all others!)