The Copper Crew’s Merlot “is a smashing red” according to Victoria Moore in The Telegraph

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Victoria Moore is a fan of The Copper Crew! Special mention goes to Sam who she describes as “a rising star of South African winemaking” and he lives up to his billing with our wines. Victoria thinks the “quality is very good” and that she “is excited to see how they develop!”

We were thrilled with these general comments, and even more pleased that the Merlot got a special feature in The Telegraph with a photo!

On our red, “Merlot isn’t top of my list of favourite grapes, but this is a smashing red: juicy, vibrant, a little bit chewy (it’s aged in French oak), with bright flavours of plums and a hint of leafy redcurrant. the wine bounces out of the can all lively and ready to drink – it doesn’t need to be poured into a glass to come alive.”

Well, here’s to being one of the best canned wines for picnics in The Telegraph!

Read the full write-up here:

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