“The Copper Crew has taken the canned wine world by storm” – FoodTribe

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Rachael Hogg at FoodTribe would recommend “all of The Copper Crew’s wines”.

“The Merlot is surprisingly complex (especially when you think you’re drinking it out of a can), the Chenin Blanc is tangy with loads of delicious apply fruit, and the Rosé is seriously quaffable, in a Provence style. You wouldn’t be unhappy if any of these were served at a dinner party, but they could really make a picnic. You’ll certainly be getting an invite to the next one.”

And Rachael / FoodTribe will certainly be getting sent some more samples of our next vintage!

Read the full article here: https://foodtribe.com/p/this-summer-is-all-about-wine-in-R29G3l8NT7KlLgQaDCrwoA?iid=U6nsXDbYSTe8iLLnQCeo8A

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