May 2019
A fateful curry

As childhood mates, we've always had a good time together. This particular trip to Wagamamas was no different: couple of pints, couple of katsu curries... 

Except, we got talking about business ideas.

In particular, there was one about canned wine that just wouldn't go away. 

June - September 2019
I just want a good, fun, straightforward drink of wine!

Months spent looking at the same range of supermarket wines and buying the same underwhelming bottle each time. It was confusing and, frankly, a bit boring. Why wasn't wine more fun?

October 2019
See ya later suits and ties!

If nobody else was going to make wine fun, approachable and for all occasions, then we would!

T-shirts of the Pope and floral shirts only now we're entrepreneurs. 

Honestly, we didn't have much of a clue, but we were ready to learn!

October 2019
The man, the myth, the wine maestro
The Copper Crew Winemaker

We were incredibly fortunate that Sam was keen to join us on our wine adventure!

As an established (and acclaimed) winemaker in South Africa, we knew the wine was in safe hands. Phew!

Now we just had to taste... a lot! We were beginning to wonder what we were ever doing in a corporate... 

January 2020
We're coming for you, festivals!
It's not all glamorous work...
But it was worth it!
February 2020
First designs are ready!

This was one of the most difficult stages - how do we make a can that looks like wine? How do we make something that is fun? What about approachable? What should the name be? 

Lots of sleepless nights spent worrying that we'd got it wrong. Fortunately, we were chuffed to bits with the end result!

March 2020
We're canning, baby!

One of the most exciting moments we've had. Seeing the first cans come off the line was an unreal feeling!

Little did we know what was right around the corner... 

23 March 2020

Following from our previous high, this was one of the worst moments we've had so far. Obviously it was a lot worse for many others, but seeing our business plan crumble in the space of a few days was a bit of a blow. Back to the drawing board... 

Photo: BBC News

Lockdown 1
I don't even know what happened

More business plans than we ever could have imagined.

Total shutdown in SA so we couldn't export our wine. 

Doom and gloom everywhere.

Maybe a few glasses of wine here and there...

Still Lockdown 1?
This shit dragged.
July 2020
But what's this? Light at the end of the tunnel!


Our first shipment of wine was delivered! It was tiny. We'd sold out again within two weeks. Cue lots of calls to shipping companies and frantic movement of cans across the world!

Practically give the forklift driver's test...

July 2020


Flying off the shelves!

Hint: if you've made it this far, you'd better buy some too! Rumour has it Oli is still wearing his PPE gloves ready to pack your box!

August 2020
First trade sale!

Mum, we've made it (to the pub down the road)!

Boy was this a good one. August was sweet. Eat out to Help Out, orders flowing in, sunshine, cans as they were meant to be drunk. 

Simpler times!

October 2020
Uh oh, Oli gets COVID


A sorry sight. Quarantined in the office.

Bounced back pretty quickly though and soon we were gearing up for a wild November and Christmas!

December 2020
Christmas party wine tastings galore!
Virtual Wine Tasting

This became a regular sight in our houses...



Okay, so we don't update this daily.

But if you're reading this in the morning, we're probably on the road trying to convert the world to canned wine. 

If it's the afternoon, we're probably doing the same.

And if it's the evening, chances are we've just cracked open a can of wine. You should too!