Sam sources our first canned red wine

When sourcing our first canned red wine, drinkability was at the forefront of our minds. We were after a fruit-driven red, that wouldn’t need a decade to open up but had enough complexity and structure to stand up to your Sunday roast (or a Braai if in South Africa). After many months of red-stained teeth and dusty boots, Sam stumbled upon a vineyard in South Africa’s coolest wine region, Elgin, that just felt right.

Elgin’s cool climate conditions slow down the ripening process. Grapes hang on the vines for longer, contributing to flavour and tannin development, while natural acidity levels are maintained. The resulting wines have a fantastic purity about them. We blend the most fruit-driven, moreish barrels that will drink well in their youth.

Bottles have a cork that allows microoxygenation. Microoxygenation facilitates the complex chemical reactions that soften reds during extended bottle ageing. Cans lack a cork (obviously!), so to make our Merlot perfect for cans, it is matured in 225L French barrique oak barrels for 24 months. This softens the tannins, enhances the complexity and readies the wine for drinking as it hits your glass!

Canned red wine
The final product: The Copper Crew Merlot

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