Where is it best to purchase Copper Crew?

The best place to buy Copper Crew is through our website. We are also working hard to increase our presence in selected independents, restaurants, bars and regional stockists, so keep an eye out! 

How do I become a stockist?
We would love you to stock our wines – please email us at [email protected]

Are Copper Crew cans recyclable?

Yes – it’s one of the main reasons we chose to put our wine in cans rather than bottles. Our cans our fully recyclable so just put them into your home recycling or the nearest recycling bin and within a matter of months they will become cans again!

Is the delivery box recyclable?

Yes – the box your wine was delivered in and everything else in the box is completely recyclable and is even made out of recycled material.

How many servings in a Copper Crew?

Our cans are equivalent to 1/3 of a bottle of wine, or two small glasses of wine in a pub. So whether you fancy it all to yourself or want to share between two, you can enjoy Copper Crew on all occasions.

How should canned wine be served?

However you like – our wines are selected to taste just as good from a can as from a glass.

How should I store my Copper Crew wines?

The best way to store our cans is in the fridge. The ideal serving temperature is between 12-14°C. That said, we selected and blended our wines to ensure that they taste great no matter the temperature they are served at. 

How long does the wine last?

We select our wines to be drunk young, and because our wines are canned, they lend themselves to all occasions. If the occasion takes a while to come around, then no problem, our cans have a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months.

Are Copper Crew wines vegan?

All our wines are vegan friendly. Our wine is not vegan certified because the premise used during canning is not a certified vegan premises. However, the wine itself and the method of canning are vegan.

Are Copper Crew wines gluten free?

Yes, they are completely gluten free!

When should I order by for same day dispatch?

For your wine to be dispatched on the same working day, your order must be placed by midday.

Can I change my order?

Unfortunately you cannot amend your order once it has been processed. However, if you send an email to [email protected] we can try and amend your order manually if it has not already been dispatched.

Where does The Copper Crew deliver to?

We deliver throughout the mainland of the UK. Please make sure that the delivery address and postcode are correct as we cannot be responsible for non delivery due to an incorrect address. Someone over 18 will need to receive your delivery and you may be asked for proof of age.

How long will it take for my cans to arrive?

We try as far as possible to package and post orders the day they are received, but it’s not always possible. Our cans should be with you within 1-3 working days with standard delivery. If you haven’t received your order, or have any other questions about your online order then contact us at [email protected]

My cans arrived dented!

We are sorry! We pack our wine in extra strong boxes to minimise the chances of denting but sometimes cans do pick up small dings on their way to you. We are really sorry about this and we promise its only aesthetic, the wine will taste as good as ever. Please get in touch with us if the cans are leaking, or you are unable to open them, at [email protected]

Can I return my order?

We are sure you will love our wines, but if for some reason you want to send something back, then send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.

Does canned wine taste any different to bottled wine?

Short answer, no.

We have painstakingly sourced wines with characteristics which are suited to being canned, and taste great straight from the can. We have also made every effort in our can selection and canning process to ensure that the quality of our canned wine is as high as possible. 

I have an issue with the wine I just had

If you have any issue with our products, whatever that might be, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at [email protected] The Copper Crew prides itself on our quality, so we would like to hear from you if there was a problem.

Who should I contact about press opportunities?
We would love to hear from you – please email [email protected]